On fire! Experimental Archaeology is a festival that takes place in December at the Siem Reap EFEO center in Cambodia.

The 1st edition occured in December 2014 with an angkorian “dragon-kiln” replica successfully firing more than 100 angkorian style potteries (watch our video).
The 2nd edition in December 2018, brought alive our “dragon-kiln” once again and unveiled an iron smelting furnace.

We are very excited to announce the 3rd edition in December 2019 with the construction of a new "dragon-kiln", longer, larger, to cook more and more Angkorian pottery replicas...

You may have some questions:


  • Who are we?


You can meet us here: https://www.onfirearchaeology.com/team

  • What is experimental archaeology?


It consists of, on the field experiments, conducted by archaeologist, to test archaeological hypotheses and bring answer to research problems by using the same technology as our ancestors. 


  • What are we looking for?


Working in Cambodia, our research focuses on the Angkorian era. After having excavated earthenware and metal production sites, we now want to understand how potters and metallurgists mastered fire : how were the kilns and furnaces built, how were the potteries made, how was the ore processed, how many degrees were reached during the firing and smelting process...We have many questions and hypotheses that need to be answered and verified to gain a better knowledge of this period and be able to share it with the public.


  • What do firing and smelting mean?

Take a look to our website: https://www.onfirearchaeology.com/firing-smelting
Our interactive schemas will give you a better idea of how the furnace and the dragon-kiln work


  • How do we achieve this?

- Rebuilding the dragon-kiln,
- Building the iron-furnace,

- Collecting and processing the ore that will be smelt in the iron-furnace,
- Purchasing the wood and charcoal that will be used for the firing and smelting,
- Building a multiple bellows system to force air into the furnace's tuyeres,
- Having the Angkorian pottery replicas fashioned at the famous LO_YUYU ceramics workshop.
They have sent to us some pictures of the raw pots, they look amazing!


We hope you to be there for the 3rd edition of On fire! Experimental Archaeology at the EFEO center in Siem Reap.


The On fire ! Archeaologists team

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